June 29th, 2015

Comedian John Wellington joins us for a discussion on the 2016 Presidential Candidates, performing comedy in West Virginia vs. Ohio, the Confederate Flag, the mystery of Robert Johnson, and the famed 27 Club, Taylor Swift hypocrisy and so much more! Stick around after our chat with John for this week's sketch featuring a meeting between Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush and Pope Francis. It's a doozy. 



June 22nd, 2015

Author James Renner stops by to discuss his books, his writing & journalistic career, writing about (among other things) Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, spooky tales, including one involving a half man, half frog creature that haunts Ohio, and a lot more! Plus, stay tuned after the interview for our latest sketch!



June 15th, 2015
Our next Fox News parody, plus we discuss Hillary Clinton's slide in polls, Jeb Bush's son's public intoxication arrest, the crazy events that happened in McKinney, and Dallas, Texas, Marvel's upcoming releases, plus the age old debate.... soda or pop and more!


June 8th, 2015

Biologist J.R. Hagerty comes back to the show to provide an update on the disease he's been studying, Vince Vaughn's views on guns, the stigma of seeking help for mental illness, repurposing certain words, Caitlyn Jenner, synthetic heroin, classic baseball stories like Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD, & more!



June 1st, 2015

Matt Martinez joins us for a discussion on the difference between the comedy scenes in Los Angeles, and Cleveland, his favorite spots to hit up, insane Putin stories, student loan debt, and so much more! Tune in!