August 30th, 2015

Author Steven McKay joins us via Skype all the way from Scotland to discuss his work, process, working with Amazon, playing guitars, history, and a whole lot more. This week's episode's theme is music from Steven. Be sure to check out his work on Amazon, and enjoy the episode! 



August 23rd, 2015

Jessica Lundy joins us to discuss her time in the U.S. Armed Forces, PTSD, struggles of women, veteran's benefits, LGBT issues, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, and a lot more! It's another super sized episode! Plus we have part three of our Hades sketch series, after the interview. Stay tuned for that!



August 17th, 2015

Flint joins us to talk about her latest project, LIPSTICK RED, which is a short film/music video for her latest single ala THRILLER, her inspirations, speaking out about gender discrimination, who she's been listening to lately, who she'd like to collaborate with, and we get a little off track near the end to talk about some upcoming movies! Tune in!



August 9th, 2015

Garrett Dougherty joins us to balance out the show with a conservative viewpoint. We discuss a wide range of topics from gun control, to Planned Parenthood, Bernie Sanders, the minimum wage increase, and more in this super sized episode! Plus stick around after the interview for the conclusion to McElroy & Lummox's latest case!



August 3rd, 2015

Ed Marflak joins us to discuss his DIY music space coming soon to Elyria, his band Wolf Teeth, plus we talk about our favorite musicians that we've been listening to lately, the opportunities that cities like Elyria have for artists, musicians, comedians, filmmakers and more! A lot of great music talk in this episode!

Plus stay tuned after our interview with Ed for our latest McElroy & Lummox sketch! It's a doozy. Don't miss it!