October 30th, 2017

Steve Mers joins us for the second time, and this time. We were prepared so that we didn't have to record into dirty socks. Steve gives a PSA on cats, we get retro and talk cartoons, old jobs, the mic at Tick Tock and more!



June 4th, 2017

Lantern Jack, host of the Ancient Greece Declassified podcast joins us to discuss among other things, Greece, Rome, the Hollywood storytelling format, and we each give behind the scenes looks at what goes into making our shows. This is a fun one that you don't want to miss!



March 14th, 2016

Dr. Chad Davies, host of The Scientific Odyssey podcast joins us to chat about some of the history of science and how it has evolved over time. This is a very fun and informative chat. Be sure to check out Dr. Davies on The Scientific Odyssey!


Episode 3 - Hades Part II

April 20th, 2015

In our 3rd episode, we continue the Hades saga, in addition to chatting with our first guest, J.R. Hagerty! We discuss his PhD studies, the disease more people should know about, Dean's obsession with The Rock, Glen's hatred of Brad Pitt, possible alien contact, Elizabeth Warren, an LSD tripping cat and more!



April 4th, 2015

Welcome to The Glen & Dean Show or: The Dean & Glen Show. We don't have a preference. We hope you have as much fun listening to the show as we have making it. In addition to interviews, our show features sketch comedy, and parody ads.